Top 5 Podcasts to Listen To While Driving

There are so many great podcasts out there, but how do you decide which one to listen to during a long journey? Some people prefer the podcast format because it allows them to enjoy their favorite subjects while driving. But others prefer the radio, and in this case, it is a good idea to turn on the radio. Then, you can enjoy the shows without having to worry about the quality of the radio station. Here are a few podcasts that you may find interesting.

Best Podcasts for a Road Trip

Atlas Obscura

There are many reasons to listen to an Atlas Obscura podcast during a long drive. One such reason is that it can keep you entertained while driving for hours on end. The podcast features interviews with fascinating locals who explain the esoteric side of a place. While listening to the podcast, you can even learn something about the country or region you’re driving to. You can download the podcast on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Another reason to listen to an Atlas Obscura podcast is the fact that it teaches you interesting facts about our world. Its host, Manoush Zomorodi, is a talented narrator who has previously hosted the TED Radio Hour podcast. His humour and warmth make this podcast a must-listen during long drives. Whether you’re driving to the office or commuting to work, an Atlas Obscura podcast is sure to entertain you.

You’re Dead to Me

If you’re a history buff, You’re Dead to Me is an excellent podcast to listen to during long drives. The hosts are a team of historians who delve into a range of topics, from the history of the world to the antics of their siblings. They make history interesting, and they’ll keep you entertained with banter. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud as you learn more about the past, and you’ll feel less alone.

A true crime podcast, You’re Dead to Me is hosted by Sarah Koenig, a former radio journalist who’s now the Head Archivist at the Magnus Archives. The episodes are around 50 minutes long and are known for their well-researched content. For its latest episode, Serial investigated the death of Hae Min Lee, a young woman, and interviewed her accused killer, Adnan Syed. Despite the fact that the episodes are short, the stories are riveting and worth listening to during long drives.

StarTalk Radio

Whether you’re on a long drive or traveling by plane, you can listen to a StarTalk Radio podcast to keep yourself entertained. Hosted by renowned astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson, StarTalk covers a broad range of topics with regular all-star guests from the scientific world. Listeners can expect to learn about the latest discoveries, from life on Mars to the multiverse theory.

The Popcast

Whether you’re driving to work or just want to relax on a long journey, The Popcast has a podcast for you. With episodes lasting about half an hour, it’s the perfect length to listen to while driving. Each episode features new music and interesting topics, ensuring you won’t get bored while you’re driving. And, unlike some other podcasts, the Popcast is free, which is a great bonus if you’re planning to take a long road trip!

If you’re going on a long journey driving, you’ll want to listen to some comedy podcasts. Ali Kolbert’s Over Under Achievers podcast is hilarious, and is hosted by comedians Jackie and Ali Kolbert. Each episode lasts around 30 minutes and is addictive. You’ll want to listen to a new episode as soon as possible! And if you want to learn something new, check out the “The More You Know” news segment.

The Office

If you’ve ever wished that you could listen to a comedy podcast while you drive, the answer is yes. One of the best podcasts is The Office Ladies, which is a podcast featuring Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. These two actresses play Pam Beesly and Angela Martin respectively, and their witty backstage moments and funny memories will keep you laughing while you drive.

Whether you’re commuting by car or taking public transportation, a podcast can keep you entertained for a few hours. There are dozens of podcasts out there that range from comedy to sports, and many of them are suitable for long road trips. A podcast is a great way to fill up a long journey, and this one is based on one of the most popular comedy shows in history.

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