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Car Polishing Tips at Home
How often do you clean the car at home? You know, no matter how often you wash your car, the surface of your beloved car is still at risk of becoming a hotbed of bacteria and harmful camps. Relying on car cleaning urusah on car detailing services or following car polishing tips at home does not necessarily solve this one problem. The solution, you have to know which parts are the location of germs and bacteria hiding in the car. You certainly already understand, how germs, bacteria and viruses have become a scary scourge in this new normal era. So, which parts are the dirtiest in a car? Here's the review.

Car Polishing Tips: Get to Know the Dirtiest Parts of a Car

Do not rush to call a car detailing service at home before knowing which parts have the potential to bring harmful dirt to your car, as follows:

 Car Door Handles

Yes, that's right, this one part is one of the dirtiest parts in a car. The doorknob becomes one of the most frequently touched parts by many hands. Let alone other people's hands, your own hands also have the potential to carry harmful bacteria and microorganisms. When touching the handle of the car, thousands of microorganisms attached to your hand can move to the handle of your beloved car. And when the doorknob you touch is touched again by someone else, the microorganisms attached to the doorknob also move to the hand of the person who touches it. This is why the door handles should get special treatment when you order car detailing services at home. Car polishing tips for this part, in addition to washing it thoroughly, you should also use a cleaning liquid that is able to kill bacteria, viruses, germs and various harmful parasites.

Car Body

It is undeniable that the more often the car is used, the more risky it is to be exposed to dirt from the outside. A dirty car body is a place where bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms feast on. Especially if your car body looks dull due to mold and stains, you can be sure that your car body is filled with germs which if left unchecked can be detrimental to health You and your family. Washing with water alone is sometimes not enough, you still have to make efforts to detailing the car at home So that all parts of the car are free from stubborn dirt. Provide wax and polishing liquid that protects the paint layer after the car is washed thoroughly.

 Car Glass

If you feel that driving visibility is reduced, the car glass starts to dull and looks foggy, you can be sure that your car glass has begun to overgrow with mold. The fungus can appear on any moist and acidic surface. One of the causes is rainwater that is not drained immediately. Rainwater is acidic and a favorite place for mushrooms to thrive. The fungus that covers the car glass also carries various other microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, which, if left for a long time, not only damage the appearance of the car, but also harm the appearance of the car. your health. In addition, car glass is also often exposed to tree sap, insects and even animal feces. You certainly agree that some of the types of feces mentioned earlier are hotbeds of harmful bacteria and parasites. If the stains on the glass are getting stubborn, it's time for you to do car detailing at home.

 Car Tires and Wheels

This car polishing tip may be rarely noticed. Don't take the dirt that sticks to this part for granted. Tires and wheels are indeed the parts that are most often exposed to soiling materials such as mud, oil, asphalt residue and much more. Even if it is not touched by your body, tires and wheels are able to carry various culprits moving from one place to another, and your home is no exception. In the new normal era like now, at least never miss this part of the cleaning process. Washing tires and wheels is not as difficult as other parts, but for maximum results, you can entrust it to a professional home car detailing service.

Car Dashboard

One of the important parts in the interior of this car also has the potential to become a hotbed of harmful viruses and bacteria. The dashboard becomes a personal area that is often not thoroughly touched when cleaned. Some cars even have complex dashboard parts that can be where dirt hides. The latest cars even carry touch screen technology on every panel on the dashboard. This means that your dashboard becomes touched by hands more often. As reviewed in the discussion above, your hands have the potential to carry millions of microorganisms that can move when they touch any surface.

Car Steering Wheel

Who would have thought, this part could be dirtier than a public toilet. The steering wheel of the car is a part that is always touched by the hands. As we know, every day, our hands may come into contact with a wide variety of objects. And without realizing it, the objects we touch become a hotbed of harmful viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, there are not many car polishing tips that review further about the cleanliness of the steering wheel. Citing CarRentals, 32 percent of the 1,000 drivers in the United States rarely clean the interior of a car, including the steering wheel. There are more studies mentioning that the interior of a car including the steering wheel of a car is among the dirtiest places on Earth. The study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information even mentioned that the steering wheel has a filthiness rate of 629 CFU (a unit forming a colony of bacteria per square centimeter). This number beats mobile phones with 100 CFU, toilet paper with 172 CFU and elevator buttons with 313 CFU. The steering wheel of the car is also said to be four times dirtier than the public toilet seat. The bacteria that most often stick to the steering wheel are Staphylococcus which can cause skin infections to food poisoning, and Propionibacterium bacteria that can trigger inflammation and infection on the body.