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Careful – These Habits Can Make Your Car Break Down Quickly
The malfunction of a car does not lie entirely in the quality of its components. The lack of maintenance and improper use can also make the car damaged quickly. Negligence such as not heating the car or reckless driving style are also the main factors causing damage to the car. For those of you who feel that the performance of the car you are driving is not optimal, don't rush to take it to the repair shop. Problems with your car can be caused by bad habits that can make the car break down quickly as follows:

Habits That Make Cars Break Down Quickly

Poor Driving Technique

Before checking the car problem to the repair shop, you should also inspect the driving style that you do on a daily basis. The perfunctory driving style also greatly affects the condition of each component in the car. Simple things like moving the transmission roughly, or not fitting when stepping on the clutch pedal can also affect the condition of the car. Likewise, if you like to gas the car, then step on the brakes suddenly. If done continuously, it can certainly make the brake pads wear out quickly.

 Frequent Clutch Holding

This habit you may unknowingly do when encountering traffic jams. In order to speed up the displacement of the manual car transmission, you often hold the clutch halfway. Holding the clutch usually aims to make it easier when advancing the car without the need to move the percenteling to the neutral position. But keep in mind, if done in the long term, this habit makes the clutch lining components hot and run out quickly.

Not turning off the lights

Not all car electrical systems are made automatic. Some cars still need to turn off the lights manually even when the car is off. Well, forgetting to turn off the car lights can also make the car break down quickly. Lights that come on continuously will drain power from the car battery. Even though the electricity from the battery is cut off when the car is turned off, the spare power of the battery still contributes energy to the lights that have not been turned off. Over time, the car battery becomes a tailwind and your car is difficult to start.

Rarely Heat a Car

No matter how busy you are, the car still needs to be heated before use. In the off state, the temperature of the car engine becomes cooler. If it is not heated, the car that is directly driven makes a fairly extreme temperature spike in the combustion chamber, this condition can make the car quickly damaged. Actually, it doesn't take long to heat up the car. The way to heat a car engine that has not been used for a long time is to let it sit for a few seconds before starting the engine. When the engine starts, leave it for a while until the engine temperature rises to its ideal temperature.

Rarely Pay Attention to Tire Condition

Parts of the legs such as tires and wheels are areas that are very rarely noticed. Although it does not require special maintenance other than cleaning it regularly, tires and wheels are the parts of the car that support driving performance. Car tires that go unnoticed are often the culprits of heavy damage to the car. Tires that are too thin and have not been replaced are also very dangerous if they are still used. So are the wheels of the car. Problems with the wheels are often difficult to detect. You can only feel the discomfort on the wheels of the car when your car once hit a pothole road or passed through rough terrain. Without realizing it, wheels that are rarely maintained are also the cause of car damage.

Not Cleaning the Car

Who is not happy to see a car that smells good, smells good and always looks new. A clean car greatly affects driving performance. The cleanliness of the car is also one of the factors that can help extend the service life of its components. A car that is left dirty and unkempt will certainly have many problems. Not only unsightly, dirty cars can also cause various health problems. Dirty cars are certainly a cool playground for disruptive microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and even viruses. It is undeniable that busy working hours make you neglect to just wash the car. Taking the car to the nearest car salon is even difficult to do in the midst of your busy activities. Now, you don't have to bother cleaning your favorite car anymore. You can get subscription car wash services and car detailing at home from Auto. Supported by experienced operators and professional equipment, Mobiklin is ready to bring a personal car wash to your home.

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