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2 Ways to Turn Off a Car Alarm That Keeps Going
The car alarm is one of the components of the car whose function is as a security system on the car itself. A car alarm will sound if something happens to your car. Find out how to turn off the car alarm that constantly goes off. The car alarm will sound, for example, when there is a thief who forcibly wants to get in the car. It is caused by the sensitivity system on the alarm that makes it work, when something happens to the car. Even for cars of certain brands that are quite expensive, the sensitivity system can be higher. Just because it was exposed to vibration alone, the car could immediately start and roar. But what if the car alarm won't stop? Follow the tips below.

How to Turn Off a Car Alarm That Constantly Sounds

Car alarms can continuously sound even though the remote button has been pressed many times. This of course will only interfere with the comfort of people around who hear noisy alarm sounds. Here are some ways to turn off an error car alarm easily:

1. Start the Car

The first step you have to do is, start the car first. For example, when the car alarm still continues to sound even though you have turned off the alarm with a remote alarm, then immediately open the car door and then start the car. After that insert the key on the starter hole and turn the key back and forth from the ACC position to ON, in an amount of 10 times faster. Before the alarm stops going off usually the alarm will continue to sound quickly but then stop immediately.

2. Removing the Alarm Fuse

If the first step is still unsuccessful, inevitably you have to remove the car alarm fuse. Usually each car has a fuse box that numbers more than one, which is in the vehicle for various electrical components. One of them is for the alarm fuse. Such fuse boxes are usually located on the hood of the car. But to find out the position of the car alarm fuse, you should read the vehicle manual first. This is because each car has a different position of the alarm fuse. If you already know the position, then remove the alarm fuse with pliers with a pointed end, or by using plastic clamps that are specifically designed to pull the car alarm fuse. After the fuse comes off replace the fuse and check again whether the alarm is on again or not. If the car alarm has stopped re-pair the fuse. But if it still sounds then your car alarm is no longer working or damaged.

Functions and Benefits of Alarms in Cars

After knowing how to turn off the car alarm, now is the time to know the functions and benefits of the alarm itself. This safety feature was created to avoid car theft or destruction of the car. Here are some of the functions and also benefits of a car alarm:

1. To Prevent Theft

The main function of installing an alarm on a car is to prevent car theft. Sensors that are part of the alarm component are usually in the form of switches and will then be installed on the door. When the car door is opened, the switch will send a signal to the control unit. The signal sourced from this sensor will be captured again by the control unit. The control unit will also activate the alarm and give an output in the form of a blinking light, or it can also be a siren which is a danger sign. That's why, when the car is touched, the alarm will sound immediately. This security system in the form of a car alarm will be very useful, in protecting stolen or damaged cars. The existence of this alarm will also reduce your worries when you have to park in a public place or away from surveillance.

2. As a Warning Sign

For cars released from old years, they usually do not have a built-in car alarm. But if you need it, you can install an alarm on the car for a long time to support its security system. The car alarm will also be very useful as a warning sign of the appearance of danger, not only to prevent theft. When you are driving the car at night, you are usually very tired and out of focus. In such conditions it may be that you have to avoid some specific objects. Then usually the alarm will sound immediately, to notify the warning sign. Not only for large objects but also small objects. Even if you only hit a small object, you will still get an alert from the alarm. This will really help you to avoid risks while driving a car.

3. As a Security System

In addition to preventing the occurrence of car theft another function of a car alarm is as a security system. An example of a security function in this case is to prevent any attempt to damage / break into the car. Nowadays, car thieves have become more sophisticated in carrying out their actions in stealing cars, because they already have adequate tools. Then the sensors installed on the alarm, are installed to facilitate the detection of the occurrence of activities that may be suspicious on the car. For example, there is a condition of forcibly opening the car door using certain tools. Not only related to car theft or car destruction, but the car alarm will also sound when there is an indication of a fire. The sensor installed in it is quite sensitive when there are irregularities in the engine, such as sparks appearing or a short circuit occurs.

4. Finding the Location of the Car

Although it sounds trivial, but the function of the next car alarm is also quite important. That is to find the location of the car when for example you forget where to store or park the car. Cars that already have an alarm will be easier to find when they are in a crowded place. In general, the car key has also been installed remotely to turn on or off the alarm. Most people think that the function of the remote control on the car is only to open and lock the car door alone. But usually there are four buttons on the remote with their respective functions. Among them are to lock and also open the car door, to turn the alarm on and off, and to open the trunk door. Remote control alarm will also help you in searching for vehicles in a large and also crowded parking lot. Even in this all-digital era, there are also car alarms that can be controlled through a Smartphone application. Then this will make it easier for you to track the location and whereabouts of the car you are looking for. It turns out that there are many functions and also benefits of such a car alarm. Not only to prevent theft, but more than that, there are many functions. That's the importance of using a car alarm as a security system. Also make sure that you know how to properly turn off the alarm on the car, as in the steps already described above. If it still keeps going off then you should replace the alarm with a new one.  

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