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Tips for Choosing a Good and Correct Car Window Film
Most car users, say if the use of car glass is indispensable. However, the selection of glass film itself cannot be done arbitrarily. Well, for those of you who don't know, let's discuss about tips on choosing a car window film as well as some other things related to window film. Talking about car window film, the type of window film that is suitable for use in Indonesia is a window film that is able to dismiss ultra violet light and the heat of sunlight. In addition, use a window film that is also able to penetrate infrared, so that the temperature in the car cabin does not overheat. Oh yes, also make sure you have a dark window film, but you still look at the outside brightly when you are in the cabin. So even though the car glass looks dark from the outside, your vision while driving will not be disturbed. How to Choose the Right Car Window Film Even so, the window film used on the windshield, side, and back is different. The selection, carried out based on the needs of the motorist. Well, for more details, take a look at some tips for choosing the following front, side, and rear full car window films
  1. Selection of Window Film for the Front Glass
Well, first there are tips for choosing a front car window film, make sure you choose window film for the glass with a darkness level of only 20 percent. This is of course done to prioritize safety or what is commonly called safety. However, if you feel that the 20 percent darkness is still too bright, try to choose a window film with a maximum darkness of only up to 40 percent. It can be said that the advantage of using a front window film with 40 darkness is that it is not too glare during the day. Meanwhile, at night, 40 percent darkness on the windshield can still reduce glare interference emanating from vehicle lights from the opposite direction. But if you often travel out of the city with poor roads or holes, it is recommended to use 20 percent darkness. However, some people feel that if the windshield does not need to be installed window film, for fear that it will not be able to see the road conditions at night clearly.
  1. Selection of Window Film for Driver's Side Glass
Tips for choosing a car window film for the driver's side glass, the most important thing, is not to install a window film that is too dark, especially if you choose to use a front window film with a 20 percent darkness level. This is because when the eye sees the bright windshield and then sees the rearview mirror through the dark side window, it will take a long time for the eye to capture the visible shadow on the rearview mirror. Of course, this is quite risky, especially when driving at high speeds. So if the windshield has 20 percent darkness, then for the glass on the left and right sides, the driver only needs to use the 40 percent one. And if the windshield uses 40 percent darkness, you can use 40 percent window film or a maximum of 60 percent for the side window. However, the selection of a window film with 60 percent darkness on the until then is felt better, because it feels that it will feel more shady in the eyes during the day. As for the night, you will also be helped by the reduced glare that feels from the reflection of the car lights behind. Not only that, but the car lights from behind will also only appear round and not spread out, so you can focus more on continuing to look towards the front.
  1. Selection of Window Film for the Back Glass
Then for tips on choosing a car window film for the rear windshield, if the middle mirror of the cabin is equipped with a rayben mode feature, then you can use a window film with a darkness level of 20 percent or 40 percent on the rear glass, not more. But if there is no rayben mode feature, then it is recommended to use 60 percent so that you can avoid the glare of the reflection of the car lights from the rearview mirror through the center mirror. And make sure you don't use the 80 percent one, because it will make it difficult when walking backwards, especially at night. How to Install Window Film After you understand some tips for choosing car window film above, have you determined the type of window film to buy? If so, then now is the time to install the window film in the way as below.
  1. First, first find a clean and dry work area.
  2. After that, peel off all the stickers and adhesives that stick to the window. Clean the windows with soapy water and a 2.5 cm razor, make sure the windows are completely clean, yes.
  3. Then dry the window using a clean washcloth, then pull the window back up.
  4. Well, now please start the car engine, and spray soapy water on the outside window.
  5. Prepare a window film and look for sides containing adhesives.
  6. Continue by placing the window film on the outside of the window, until the entire window is covered.
  7. Cut the sheets of window film according to the size of the car window, and then spray water on the front of the window film.
  8. Cut the window film along the left and bottom edges of the window using a knife or a small cutter.
  9. Then pull the window film to the left edge by 3 cm.
  10. Cut off part of the right edge, then slide a little glass film to the center.
  11. Pull the window film towards the bottom for approximately 3 cm, so that the lower edge is lower than the car window.
  12. Then lower the window by about 1 cm, and use the top of the window to cut the window film to match the shape of the window.
  13. Continue by cleaning the excess window film in each corner of the window.
  14. Reposition the window film so that it fits the size of the car window, but slightly sideline the window film on each edge.
  15. Well, now use a heat gun (a heating device like a hairdryer) from the bottom up, a hard card to push out the bubbles inside the window film.
  16. Spray the inside of the car window with squeegee and soapy water, then peel off the top half of the window film liner, and spray again with clean water the part of the window film that has been opened.
  17. Now attach and align the top of the window film, fold the window a little glass film, and then tuck it on the bottom of the seal.
  18. Spray the window again, and use a hard card to remove water through the edges.
  19. Then pull the window up, and spray soapy water through its bottom.
  20. Pull out the remaining layers, and spray the water on the window film that has been exposed
  21. Use the hard card again to insert the bottom of the window film so that it can fit into the bottom seal.
  22. Finally, flatten the window with the hard part of the card, while expelling water and air bubbles through the edges.
In addition to tips on choosing a car window film, the correct installation also needs to be understood so that the use of this window film can be maximized. Well, if you find it difficult to install the window film yourself, it would be nice to ask for help at a professional workshop.  

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