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Car Detailing at Home? Well Why Not
Polishing the car regularly is one of the ways that must be done to take care of your favorite car. Especially for those of you who have high flying hours, doing car detailing at home has become a must to keep your favorite car clean. A car that is maximally clean with a natural shine of a layer of paint that is maintained is certainly more unsightly. However, sometimes there are times when you feel reluctant to visit the nearest car salon. In addition to taking time because you  have to wait in line,  visiting the nearest car wash service or car salon is also risky in conditions like today. Most of the conventional car washes you usually encounter tend to have physical contact with many people, not to mention cash payment methods that are less efficient for current conditions. The solution, you can entrust the matter of cleaning the car to the car wash service on call. Car wash services like this provide car wash services at home whose schedule you can adjust as you wish. In addition, some of them even offer car detailing services at home that you can order whenever needed. However, before ordering car detailing at home, it is good if you know how to wash a car at home correctly as follows:  

Things To Look For When Using Car Detailing Services at Home

Prepare a Car Detailing Work Time at Home

You must prepare a special time when ordering professional car detailing or polishing services. Set the right schedule to clean your favorite car, because car detailing usually takes quite a long time. You can ask for a special schedule to the car polishing service you choose, for example, in the morning between 8 o'clock and evening at 6 o'clock.  If you have more than one vehicle, you can also set a schedule on the same day, so that the next day your car can be used for activities as usual.

Ask At Least 2 People To Wash Your Car

Car detailing is usually done in a fairly long circuit. Starting from washing the car, polishing the car to cleaning the cabin and interior of the car. Since this job is quite complex, ask the car detailing service you choose to provide a minimum of two car groomers.

Choosing the Type of Car Detailing Service at Home

There are various types of car polishing services at home that you can choose according to your needs, including:

Car Wash Services at Home

Before polishing, the car should have been washed until it was completely clean. Car wash services at home are usually a series of professional car detailing services. Ask the service provider to wash the entire surface of the car, from the body, glass, wheels and tires, to interior parts such as carpets, seats and dashboards.

Interior and Exterior Detailing

These two types of services are more complex than just a car wash. Interior detailing is carried out to clean the interior and cabin of the car using a special technological vacuum. This service is used to clean all types of stains, bacteria, and  viruses attached to the seats, carpets, dashboard panels, door panels to hidden parts of the car cabin. While exterior detailing is done to clean all kinds of stains that stick to the car body such as mold, water spots, asphalt marks, fine berets using a special cleaning liquid that gloss out the body of your car.

Complete Detailing

Much more complex than just a car wash, interior and exterior detailing, a complete detailing service will clean all parts of the car. In addition to the interior and exterior, this service also works on engine detailing to clean the engine room, tire & rims detailing to clean tires and wheels, to window detailing to clean window glass on your beloved car.

 Car Detailing Equipment You Should Know


Special Water Hose

Washing at home is certainly different from at a car wash. Hoses are mandatory objects that must be used when washing a car. Actually, a car wash does not have to use a high-pressure hose like the one in a commercial car wash. If not used carefully,  high-pressure water  has the potential to damage the paint layer of your beloved car. Professional home car detailing services usually have equipped their team with a special washing hose. This hose is usually equipped with a gun sprayer that has various functions such as jet, mist, flat, full, center, cone, to shower. Each mode can be adjusted to the condition of the car.

Vacuum Cleaner and Extractor

If you order interior detailing services, a vacuum cleaner is certainly a mandatory tool that must be used. This tool serves to suck in dust and dirt that is in the cabin, under the carpet, between the seats or other hidden places. There is also an extractor, which is a vacuum cleaner with special technology that requires cleaning liquid or warm water when used. Vacuum extractor serves to remove all kinds of stubborn stains that cannot disappear with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Tire Brush

As the name implies, this brush is used specifically to clean tire parts.  This rather rough brush should only be used on tires and should not be used to clean other parts, especially the car body and interior parts.

Carpet Brush

Similar to a tire brush, this brush is only intended for rough surfaces. Car detailing is indeed very complex, so each tool has a different function.

 Brush Wheels

It should not be careless to clean the wheels. Since they are chrome plated, the alloy wheels must be carefully treated  to be maximally clean without damaging the coating.

Lap Chamois

This lap must not be missed. This lap, which  is often also called "Kanebo", is specially designed with high absorption. Wipe chamois is able to absorb water in a short time.


Sponge or sponge is indispensable for washing the car body. Due to its high absorbency, the sponge is able to produce abundant foam when mixed with shampoo water. Car detailing services that accept car washes at home usually always provide a new sponge to wash their customers' cars.  The sponge used is not arbitrary. The special sponge of the car wash is made of soft foam to reduce the risk of the car body being scratched when washed.

Interior Brush

At first glance it looks like a makeup brush. Interior brushes are specifically designed to clean the interior of the car, starting from the dashboard, door panels, and seats. This brush is made with a soft material so that it does not cause scratches or scratches on the cleaned surface.

Car Cleaning Fluids

  It should not be carelessly chosen car cleaning fluid. If you use a car wash or car detailing service at home, it is normal for you to ask about the type of shampoo and cleaning liquid they use. Because there are not a few call car wash services that use oplosan shampoo whose quality is still in doubt. It doesn't hurt to check the car shampoo they brought. Pay attention to the PH (power of hydrogen) level in the car shampoo. The correct car shampoo should have a neutral PH indicated by the number 7. In addition to a neutral PH, car shampoo must also contain a brightening agent or substance that serves to bring out the natural shine of your car's car coating. If you still have doubts, you can see from the brand of shampoo used.  Currently the best car  shampoo used in professional car detailing is made by Meguiar's. This premium car shampoo provides a variety of car cleaning fluid products such as Meguiar's Gold Class and Meguiar's Hyper Wash.

 Polishing Fluids

Car polishing necessarily requires a special polishing fluid.  Currently, there are various types of polishing fluids that you can easily find in online stores. Choose a polishing fluid according to the needs of your car. Polishing fluids commonly used consist of Heavy Cut Compound, Medium Cut Compound, Finishing and Protection.

Heavy Cut Compound

This polishing fluid is only intended for professional car detailing services. Heavy cut compound is used on paint surfaces that are subject to beret and swirl or cobweb-like scratches. This abrasive compound is also able to remove sanding residue that leaves traces on the car body.

Medium Cut Compound

This polishing liquid is suitable for use in cars that are not too severe, such as mild oxidation due to rainwater, dullness due to residual shampoo foam that is not dry or light berets. Medium cut compound is also useful for producing a more glossy or glossy effect.

Finishing Compound

This type of polishing liquid is able to overcome stubborn stains such as tree sap, bird droppings or waterspots due to rain and mold on the paint surface. Finishing compound is also used as a base varnish or clear coat to protect the paint surface from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Protection Compound

As the name implies, this type of polishing liquid is used to provide maximum protection from finishing compound. Protection compound is specially designed with a substance that produces a film coating on the surface of car paint. This compound is also able to produce brilliant natural gloss.

 Polishing Machine and Polishing Base

  This one tool is a mainstay for professional car polishing services. This automatic engine is used to make it easier to polish the car automatically. This machine uses three types of polish pads consisting of three different levels, namely smooth, medium and rough. A rough polish pad also consists of three types, namely grit 1500, grit 2500 and grit 3000. Polish pad grit 1500 is used to reduce paint  damage in the form of orange peel or orange peel-like ones. Grit 2500 is used to smooth the orange peel, then continue until grit 3000 if the paint damage is too deep. A medium polish pad with a texture like fleece is  used for the compounding process, which is a paint correction technique to overcome intermediate damage such as deeper berets, small hole holes or visible paint surface cracked or faded. A smooth sponge-shaped polish pad is used to simplify the polishing process, which is a technique to deal with minor damage such as fine berets, small scratches or swirls shaped like cobwebs. The use of each technique is adjusted to the condition of the vehicle based on the degree of damage to the paint surface of your beloved car.   Therefore, in order not to get the wrong service, it is better to first consult a professional car polisher here (link).

Microfiber Wipe

This rag is specially designed to clean the car material to the maximum. Microfiber wipes are made with special materials that are able to clean the car without causing scratch marks and fine berets. The texture of this rag is  softer and thicker than ordinary cloth rags.


A bucket or bucket is necessary during the process of detailing the car at home. Its function is to collect water, especially those that have been mixed with car shampoo and cleaning liquid. You can adjust the capacity of the bucket to the size of the car you are washing. One minivan car usually spends 11 liters of water in one wash.

 Tire Polish

The latter is tire polish. Its function is of course to coat the tires to make them look cleaner. Tire polish is also useful for protecting the elasticity of tires so that they are not easily cracked and dry. Tire polish is also often used to coat the body, spakbor or car material that is dop black. However, professional car detailing usually uses premium tire polish which is only used for car tires.

Steps to Polish a Complete Car Detailing You Should Know

So that's some of the tools used for car detailing services at home. Next, you should also pay attention to the steps in the correct polishing of the car, as follows:  

Starting From Washing The Car

Before working on car detailing, make sure the condition of your car is completely clean of dirt, fine dust and stains that stick to its surface. For this reason, professional car polishing services will usually wash your car first. The processing time of this car wash varies depending on the level of soiling of your car.

Polishing from the Outside

There are three parts to pay attention to when polishing a car. This is also an indicator that states that the car polishing or detailing services you are  cooperating with include professional services. You have to make sure that they do the detailing from the top, sides to the back evenly.

Polishing Glass Parts and Car Interloculates

After the outermost part  has been polished all, then you can ask the car groomer to polish the glass parts and mica parts such as windows, car headlights, rearview mirrors and car taillights. Sometimes there is just hidden dirt that sticks to these parts. Therefore, as a consumer you must also pay more attention to some parts that escape the eyes.

Polishing interior parts

You should prepare a special time for interior detailing. Working on the detailing of the inner car usually takes a long  time. Professional car polishing services will usually remove the seats, carpets until no more hidden dirt escapes the detailing work. Especially if your car has ever been flooded, the car detailing operator will definitely have to work extra hard to clean up the remaining mud, mold and musty smell left in the  car cabin. Don't forget to ask for the service of polishing the car you rent to clean the air conditioning ducts with a fogging device to kill germs, viruses, bacteria and parasites that may lodge in the cabin of your beloved car.

Focus on Cleaning Windows, Engine Room to Tires and Wheels

If the steps above are not enough, you can also ask the car detailing operator to clean the window and its panels, the engine room to tires and wheels. To clean such parts  requires special skills that should only be performed by a trained person. Especially for cleaning parts of the engine room. In this section there are so many engine components that are quite sensitive if exposed to water.  Therefore, you should not do it yourself. Entrust the matter of car detailing to a trusted professional car polishing service.  

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