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Tips for Washing a Car at Home, Clean The Maximum Without Complicated
Who doesn't want to have a car that always looks new? Especially for those of you who have high mobility, it is difficult to spend a little time just to wash the car. Let alone washing your own car or washing a car at home, taking the car to the nearest car wash service seems to be a hassle for those of you who are super busy. In fact, car cleanliness is one of the important factors that must be done to keep your vehicle's performance excellent. You certainly don't want to drive a car that looks decile with a dull and scuffed paint look, right? In addition to being unsightly, such a condition of the car also affects people's view of the owner's personality.

Dirt That Is Often Found in Cars

Without realizing it, there are various impurities that have the potential to damage the appearance of the car body. Here are some dirt that is the source of the problem in the car:

 Fine Dust

This dirt will definitely stick to cars that are often used. Let alone a car that is always driven,  even a car parked in the garage for a long time will definitely be dusty.

Remaining Rainwater

Many do not care about the stains of rainwater marks. In fact, rainwater contains acids that are corrosive. This is why cars that are too often washed by rainwater tend to rust and mold. To avoid this problem, you should do car polishing at least once within a month.

Abrasions and Berets

Abrasions  or scratch marks on the car are inevitable. The berets on the car body will be even more noticeable if your car is dark in color. This fine beret all over the car body is usually caused by an error when cleaning the car. The paint layer on the car is often scratched by cloth rags or kanebo rags that still have dirt on the surface. The slightest  dirt, such as sand or fine gravel will certainly scratch the paint layer of the car. Not only that, but fine scratches also often appear due to rough touches from tree branches or when your car is grazed by hard objects during parking time.

Asphalt, Car Smoke and Insects

It is undeniable that soot stains from other car smokes and insects are often found sticking to the front of the car. If left for a long time, the stain will harden and be difficult to clean. In addition to these two stains, asphalt stains are also often stubborn dirt that you find in car drills. However, be careful when cleaning these three stains. If it is wrong, the remaining stains that stick will actually damage the surface of the car. You can ask a special bug and tar remover liquid to a professional car wash service to clean up the remaining soot and stubborn insects.


Although most car manufacturers already use anti-rust in each of their products, rust is still a problem that is often faced by cars used in certain areas. Jabodetabek, for example, due to frequent floods, rust often appears on parts of cars that are exposed to flood water. In North Jakarta, for example, this area is very close to the sea, so the water carried by the flood certainly contains corrosive salt mineral levels. Especially if your car has dented parts and leaves a layer of peeling paint. This part of the open wound is prone to rust. In addition, the undercarriage of the car and the legs are also often exposed to corrosion, which if left for a long time certainly damages the resistance of the material used as the most important part of the car.

 Food Crumbs on Dashboard and Car Seats

This stain became one that could not be avoided. The habit of eating and drinking in the car turned out to be able to damage the interior of the car.   Unsanitary food crumbs contain oil that over time will mold and stick to the seats, carpets or hard-to-reach parts. Especially if you have the habit of smoking in the car. Cigarette smoke and ash usually stick to the dashboard and lining of the car cabin. This is why cabin linings are often faded and yellowed.

The Rest of the Car Wash

Instead of making the car look new and look new, washing the car can actually cause new problems. With perfunctory techniques, washing the car usually leaves a trace of soap and water. Over time, the remaining soap and water are also covered with fungi and bacteria. Therefore, try to make sure the car is completely dry after washing it. Also pay attention to between the doors, grille and even the tank lid of the car. You can also use a cleaner exterior liquid that is commonly used by car salons.

Criteria to Look for When Washing a Car

After you know about the different types of stains that are the main problem on the car, next you should pay attention to the correct criteria in washing the car, so that when you are Finally wash the car at the car wash though, you can determine that the washing technique used is correct and does not damage the surface of your beloved car.   Because, it is undeniable  that some car washes employ less skilled personnel, so the results of their work seem perfunctory. Here are the  criteria for a correct car wash:

Using a Special Soap

Not all soaps are suitable for washing vehicles. Especially the car, which has so many details and hidden parts, careless soap has the potential to damage the surface of the car. For business reasons, sometimes car washes or car washes often use laundry soap without a brand whose quality is unclear. Because the price is cheap and the foam produced is abundant, the perfunctory laundry soap was chosen to reduce production costs.  Unfortunately, most consumers tend to like abundant soap foam or what is commonly referred to as snow wash, because the abundant foam looks like snow. Actually, the snow foam sprayed through the air pressure tube is just a trick that keeps consumers entertained.  Such abundant foam does not necessarily guarantee that your car is completely clean.

Be Careful When Washing Certain Parts

Not all parts on your car can be sprayed with water. There are some sensitive components that can not even be at all exposed to water. Engine for example, cleaning a car engine is the most difficult thing, without the correct technique, your car engine is at risk of damage. There are some parts of the machine that are prone to shorting if exposed to water. Therefore , cleaning machine parts also requires special skills that cannot be done carelessly. Engine cleanliness is also very important to maintain, dust and oil attached to engine parts can reduce engine performance if left for too long.

Using Special Tools

When choosing to wash a car at home, of course we do not have as many choices of tools as professional car wash services have. Therefore , you will probably use a makeshift tool to wash the car. Actually, using a sponge or cloth rag is also enough to make the car clean and clean, but you also have to make sure that wipe the cloth or sponge you are use completely sterile from sand or fine dust that sticks. Without you knowing it, often very fine sand sticks to a cloth rag or sponge. If it is used to rub your car parts , it will certainly cause small scratches and even berets. To avoid this, you can use a microfiber cloth which is specifically designed to protect the vehicle paint layer.

Make Sure the Car is Completely Dry

After finishing washing the car, you must make sure that there is not a drop of water or soap left on the car parts. The remaining water droplets can become lenses if exposed to sunlight. The effect is similar to when we point the magnifying glass at a point on paper or cotton, which over time the point is focused by the sunlight will burn. Well, the water that is still attached to the car body is also this. If left unattended for a long time, the water droplets exposed to the sun cause the paint layer of your car body to peel off and fade. This can also be a consideration when you entrust the car wash business to the nearest car wash service. Ask the power at the car wash service to dry all parts of the car that have been washed.

Not All Parts Can Be Exposed to Wax

The last phase after washing the car, usually you will grease some parts with wax or car polishing cream. Wax is used to cause a sparkling gloss effect on the surface of the car, but make no mistake, not all car surfaces are suitable for polishing using wax. There is a layer of paint that will actually thin out when exposed to wax.  Therefore, do not be careless in choosing wax, or at least use wax only on parts that are not coated with colored paint such as the dashboard, spakbor, doorknobs and so on.

 Car Wash at Home At Least Twice a Week

In such a situation as it is now, it is highly recommended to wash your car more often. We never know, it's possible that viruses, bacteria and parasites scattered outside the house perch on the surface of your car. Not to mention if your car is exposed to materials that have the potential to damage the paint layer such as tree sap, bird droppings or ultraviolet light radiation. The only way to keep your car durable and comfortable to use is to wash it more often. At the very least, wash your car at least twice a week for maximum results. Because the more often the car is washed, the longer its service life will be. But keep in mind, washing a car can not be careless. As explained in the previous review, wherever possible use a special soap when washing your car. Choose car soap that has been equipped with a conditioner that functions to maintain the humidity of the car surface when exposed to sunlight. Never use soap used for household purposes, such as dish soap or laundry detergent, the soap is hotter and has the potential to damage a layer of paint on your car. Soaps made specifically for car washes usually contain a PH of 7 which is adjusted to the temperature and humidity of the car paint layer.

Easy Tips for Car Wash at Home

There are several tricks that you can use when you want to wash a car at home. In addition to using special soap, you can also use rags and sponges specially designed to clean car parts. Car wipes are usually very soft and are made from materials that do not scratch the paint of the car. After equipping the washing equipment, you can wet all parts of the car before washing it with soap. Spray water on all dirty parts to crush oil, mud, and fine dust that sticks.

 Correct Car Wash Order

Here is the correct order when washing a car:

Wheel Parts

Wheels consisting of tires and wheels are the dirtiest parts that are most visible in cars. When cleaning this part, you will encounter so much thick dust, asphalt residue, soot to oil. To clean the wheels, you need to let the  soapy liquid washed to the part absorb for one to two minutes before rinsing. Considering that the material used on the wheels is quite diverse, you should also adjust the cleaning fluid. For example, on alloy steel alloy wheels, use a special cleaning liquid to soften the oil, residual asphalt and scale that sticks to the wheels, especially for wheels coated with chrome. Especially for the tire part, after cleaning it using a brush greased with soapy liquid. This is done in order to crush all the dust, grease and concentrated dirt on the surface of the tire. After that, you can grease the tires of the car with a special polish to make it more shiny and unsightly.

 Car Body

This part became the most concerned. Begin spraying water from the top to the bottom of the car body. After the car is wet with water, you can immediately apply a rag containing a special car shampoo liquid from the roof to the bottom of the car body. After all parts of the car are evenly exposed to the shampoo, spray water to shed the remaining shampoo foam on the car body. Then, you need to immediately dry it with a rag. Do not let the remaining water that is still attached to the car dry due to wind or sunlight, because it will cause waterspot spots on your car body .

 Car Glass

Even though it has been washed using car shampoo, the glass part must still be cleaned using a special cleaning liquid. Glass cleaning liquid serves to remove glass mold and fat that still sticks to the glass after washing. Especially if you use glass coated with a special color, soap and water can reduce the adhesion of the glass layer. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the washed glass to ensure the glass surface is shiny and reflects light.

Car Interior

Without you knowing it, the interior holds a variety of hidden impurities. Fine dust mixed with food crumbs and beverage spills can damage the material in the car cabin. Not to mention the dirt brought from outside that was accidentally carried away by the passengers, if left unchecked, not only dirty, the interior of the car also stores viruses and bacteria that do not visible to the eye. Cleaning the interior is indeed a little troublesome, you have to disassemble the carpet on the base of the car cabin, change the position of the seats and so on. However, it all had to be done because the interior has dirty parts that may rarely be touched by human hands. If possible, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum and dirt in the car cabin.  Especially for the leather dashboard and seats, you can clean it with a sponge that is greased with a little wax cream for a shinier result. Don't forget to clean the part of the AC grille that may be covered with fine dust to make it cleaner.

Use a Car Wash Service at Home Subscription

Washing the car is not as easy as imagined, in addition to being complicated, washing the outside to cleaning the car interior will be very troublesome. Don't worry, you can entrust car cleaning matters with a car wash service that is ready to do its job in your home. For those of you who live in big cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya, you can use car wash services at home subscription from Mobiklin. Mobiklin is one of the best car wash services at home as well as car salons in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and Surabaya. In addition to serving car washes, the Mobiklin team also serves interior and exterior detailing services that meet the best car wash standards  in Jakarta. You can choose a variety of subscription packages as you wish, from a regular car wash package that is done four times a month, to a car wash package complete with services interior detailing, exterior detailing and fogging or anti bacterial for a healthier and more comfortable car condition.  

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