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Tips for Safely Choosing the Best Car Shampoo For Your Favorite Car
Although it looks trivial, a dull car body can reduce the aesthetic value and selling value of the car. Surprisingly, this problem often occurs in cars that often go in and out of car salons, you know. Actually, the root of the problem of this dull car lies in the car shampoo used. The wrong choice of fatal shampoo as a result, even though it has been polished repeatedly by professional car detailing services, the faded paint layer will not be able to return to its original state. It is undeniable that many car owners still underestimate the choice of shampoo or cleaning liquid for the car. Especially for those who often wash cars in the nearest car salon, nowadays there are many circulating unbranded unbranded car shampoos used by car wash service owners conventional. At first glance, this unbranded car shampoo looks like a well-known brand. There are even those that can produce abundant foam which if mixed with nitrogen will emit thick foam such as snow or also known as snow wash. This trick is often used by car wash business people to trick consumers. The abundant foam is used as part of entertainment that seems to make the car or motorcycle that is washed will be clean to the maximum. What you should know is, not all detergents are safe enough to wash a car. Shampoos with high detergent levels can even erode the car paint layer if used continuously. That is why the car needs a special shampoo and cleaning liquid to be maximally clean and maintain moisture.

Dangers of Using Unbranded Shampoo

Although at first glance it looks the same as branded shampoos, unbranded car shampoos on the market usually do not have production permits and are not clear about the raw materials. If used occasionally, it may not cause problems, but if you pay attention to the length of time the paint layer on your car will fade and look dull. Why is that? Actually, the paint of the car is quite thick because it consists of several layers. The outermost layer on this car looks shiny and kinclong after washing using unbranded car shampoo. Generally, these fake shampoos contain cleaners or cleaning agents that are too strong as those contained in dishwashing soaps and clothes. So, don't be surprised if when washed using this shampoo, your beloved car will look shiny like a new car. Because it contains a powerful cleaning agent, unbranded shampoo is able to remove stubborn stains such as fine dust, oil, asphalt marks and so on. However, because of the strongness of the substance, the outermost layer of car paint (wax, sealant and coating) was also eroded. If used for a long time, your car body will show the effect of water spots or small spots such as glass mold. This part indicates that there is no longer an outer layer on the body of your beloved car. So what is the solution? Let's discuss it further in the next review.

Choosing the Right Shampoo or Car Wash Soap

The following are some ways that you can use to choose the right shampoo or car wash soap:

Choose Those That Do Not Contain Harmful Ingredients

Although car paint is made in layers, not all car paints are resistant to harmful materials such as HCl (acid hydrochloride), KOH (potassium hydroxide), NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and acidic materials others. Also make sure the shampoo or cleaning liquid used for detailing your car does not contain a large amount of silicone. Excess silicone content can cause damage to the paint of your beloved car.

Choose a Shampoo That Contains Brightening Agent

For those of you who understand about car detailing, surely understand what a brightening agent is? This substance serves to bring out the natural shine on the car body. Not all shampoos or cleaning fluids used on car detailing contain this substance. Even cleaning products that are often used by car wash services or professional car salons do not necessarily contain this shiny substance.

Pay Attention to the PH Level of Car Shampoo

Power of Hydrogen (PH) is the degree of acidity in a solution. The acidity in question is the concentration of hydrogen ions possessed by the solution. The PH value is determined by the numbers 0 to 14. The higher the number shown in the solution, the more alkaline it is, on the contrary, if the lower it is, the more acidic the nature of the solution. This PH property will be seen when it touches the surface of an object, either an inanimate object or a living object. A PH value of 0 to 6 indicates that a solution is acidic, the numbers 4 to 6 are usually found in bath soaps and human body care products. While phs ranging from 8 to 14 indicate alkaline properties, dish soaps and detergents containing powerful cleaning agents are at this number. Meanwhile, especially for car shampoos, choose shampoos that have a neutral PH indicated through the number 7. A neutral pH will not cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the car paint, so it is safe to use for washing the car as often as you want.

Don't Be Fooled By A Lot of Foam

Often we are fascinated by car shampoo products that emit abundant foam. This often happens when we visit the nearest car wash service or a commercial car wash detailing service that is easy to find around us. In fact, abundant foam or foam indicates that the substances contained in the cleaning liquid are too strong or alkaline. So, the more foam produced, the higher the alkaline PH level in the cleaning liquid. The alkaline content that is commonly found in unbranded car wash shampoos is quite dangerous in car paint. If too often used layers of coats, waxes or sealants on car paint will be easily broken and brittle. This is why your car paint looks dull and striped after washing using unbranded car wash shampoo.

Choose a Special Car Shampoo for Famous Brands

Nowadays it is not difficult to find a special car wash shampoo on the market. You can even find a variety of premium car wash shampoo products on the online store platform. Premium car wash shampoos are usually used for the purposes of car wash services or professional car detailing. Although the price is quite expensive, premium car shampoos are specially designed to clean the car without damaging the paint layer and protecting the natural shine of your beloved car. One of the professional car wash shampoo products that is often used is Meguiar's. This product from abroad has indeed been known for a long time by car detailing business people in the world. Meguiar's offers a variety of cleaning fluid products that are specially concocted with formulas that match the car material. Among so many choices, Meguiar's Gold Class and Meguiar's Hyper Wash are in demand in the market. Meguiar's Gold Class is made with special conditioners that are able to clean the car optimally without damaging the wax layer on your car body. Meanwhile, Meguiar's Hyper Wash is predicted to be the best professional car wash shampoo in its class. This shampoo is specially designed to protect the surface of the car while bringing out the natural shine on the car body. In addition, the ingredients used in this shampoo are made from natural ingredients that are easily biodegradable and do not pollute the environment.

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